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Language Guide

National Network found itself compelled to craft this guide on appropriate language out of a necessity to reclaim agency over the narrative surrounding our identity. Too often, the discourse about us is dictated by voices outside of our community, particularly academics, who assert authority in determining how we should be spoken of. However, the reality is that we, the members of the National Network, are the true experts on our own experiences and nuances. Read More

Books to Read

Black & Blue

Author:  Veronica Gorrie


Authors:  Davis, A, Meiners, E, Ritchie, E, Dent,G

Decarcerating Disability

Author:  Ben-Moshe, L

No More Police: A Case for Abolition

Authors:  Kaba, M & Ritchie, A

Are Prisons Obsolete?

Author:  Davis, AY

Introduction to Abolition

So You're Thinking about Becoming an Abolitionist

Written by:  Mariame Kaba (2020)

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What is the Prison Industrial Complex? What is Abolition?

Written by:  Critical Resistance

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Introduction: Prison Reform or Prison Abolition?

Written by:  Angela Davis (2003)

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Diminishing/Dismantling the Prison System

Written by:  Prison Research Education Action Project (1976)

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Why Abolition?

Debbie Kilroy: Why we must Abolish the prison system

Written by:  Debbie Kilroy (2020) Green Left Weekly Issue 1273

Imagining Abolitionist Futures on 3CR Radial Radio

Written by:  Gorrie, N & Gorrie, W (2021)

Abolition Dreaming

Written by:  Rule, L(2003)

What’s wrong with reform?

Drawing a Line in the Sand

Written by:  Kilroy, D & Lean, T (2024) Croakey Health Media

What Abolitionist do

Written by:  Berger, Dan and Mariame Kaba and David Stein (2017) Jacominmag.com

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Liberals, Guns and the Roots of the U.S. Prison Explosion

Written by:  Naomi Murakawa & #BlackLivesMatter (2015) (First 14mins of video.

The Tension between Abolition and Reform

Written by:  Ben-Moshe, L (2013) In Nagel, M.E. and Nocella, A.J. (eds) The End of Prisons: Reflections from the Decarceration Movement

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Police "Reform" You should always oppose

Written by:  Kaba, Mariame (2014) Truth Out

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Reformist Reforms vs Abolitionist Steps for UK Policing

Written by:  Abolitionist Futures (2020)

Feminist, Queer, Antiracist Abolition

Abolition as a decolonial project

Written by:  Davis, A Y, Kilroy,D & Lean T (2023) in The Routledge International Handbook on Decolonizing Justice 

Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex

Written by:  Critical Resistance and INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence (2008) In:  Critical Resistance (ed.) Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex.

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Rethinking Antiviolence Strategies: Lessons from the Black Movement in Britain

Written by:  Julia Sudbury (2006) in Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology

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How Anti-Violence Activism Taught Me to Become a Prison Abolitionist

Written by:  Beth Richie (2014) FeministWire.org

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Building an Abolitionist Trans and Queer Movement with Everything We've Got

Written by:  Morgan Bassichis, Alexander Lee and Dean Spade (2011) in: Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex

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The false promise of hate crime laws

Written by:  S Lamble (2021) AbolitionistFutures.com

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Policing, Anti-Racism & Abolition

The Not So Easy, Simple Solution

Written by:  Kilroy, D & Lean, T (2022) in Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, Volume 30

The System is Not Failing, It is Working to Harm First Nations People

Written by:  Roach, V (2022) in Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Volume 30

Defund the Police

Written by: Project NIA

Policing by Consent

Written by:  Mediocre Dave (2021) in Abolitionist Futures

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Transformative Justice

Transformative Justice and Community Accountability

Written by:  Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (2014)

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The modern roots of transformative justice

Written by:  Barnard Centre for Research on Women/Project NIA (2020)

What is our bigger vision?

Written by: Creative Interventions Project (2020) in Creative Intervention Toolkit

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Ending Child Sexual Abuse: A Transformative Justice Handbook

Written by:  Generation Five (2017)

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What to do when you've been abusive

Written by:  Kai Cheng Thorn (2020) Truthout.org

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Everyday Abolition

Abolition is a Verb

Written by:  Kilroy, D, Lean, T, Brooks, A, Lorange A (2021) in Infrastural Inequalities

Imagining a world beyond police and prisons

Written by:  Gorrie, N (2020) in GQ

Everyday Practices of Transformative Justice

Written by: Barnard Center for Research on Women (2020)

Practicing Everyday Abolition

Written by:  S Lamble (2021) in Abolishing the Police

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Three Key Elements of Mutual Aid

Written by:  Dean Spade (2020) in Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During this crisis and the next

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Everyday Responses to Everyday Violence

Written by:  Ann Russo (2019) in Feminist Accountability: Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power

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Pods and Pod-Mapping Worksheet

Written by: Mia Mingus (2020) in Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement

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