Coroners Court Fails to Deliver Justice for Aboriginal Family, Instead Alibies State Negligence

The Coroner’s Court has once again failed to deliver justice for Aboriginal families, further demonstrating the systemic injustices faced by Aboriginal women across this nation.

‘Instead of delivering answers, truth and justice, and holding the state and those responsible for Constance’s death accountable, the court has effectively provided an alibi for the state’s ongoing negligence and failure and showed Constance’s perpetrator’s how to get away with murder,’ said Tabitha Lean.

‘The family of Constance Watcho, has been denied the answers and accountability they deserve. Despite the glaringly obvious police neglect in their handling the case, the Coroners Court has chosen to ignore these failings, perpetuating a cycle of impunity that leaves Aboriginal women unprotected and their families without answers,’ said Tabitha Lean.

‘This case is yet another example of the systemic issues within the legal system that consistently devalues Aboriginal lives. Aboriginal women are being killed with impunity because the system sees us as unworthy of life, let alone justice, said Tabitha Lean. ‘The police’s blatant neglect in investigating these cases is a glaring indication of the deep-seated racism and indifference that plagues these institutions, and is one of the many reasons to defund the police,’ said Tabitha Lean.

‘The failure of the Coroners Court to hold the police accountable for their actions (or inactions) is not just a failure for one family, but a failure for all Aboriginal communities. This miscarriage of justice sends a clear message: there is no justice for Aboriginal women in our current system. We are not safe in this country,’ said Tabitha Lean.

As a National Network we stand in solidarity with the family of Constance Watcho, and will continue to fight for the lives of Aboriginal women to matter. The legal system must be held accountable for
its role in perpetuating violence against Aboriginal women. Until there is real change, we will continue to stand with the families of the disappeared and murdered, fighting for the justice they deserve.

For further comment, please contact Tabitha Lean 0499 780 226